Chatzimichalis Estate (15km)

Chatzimichalis Estate, since its establishment in 1973, has been passionately and knowledgeably involved in the revival of Greek wine and the revival of viticulture in the area of ​​Lokris. Its history is indissolubly linked to the area of ​​Atalanti, which Dimitris Chatzimichalis chose to plant the first 90 acres of vineyards.

The selection of the area was based on its ancient vineyard tradition, but mainly on its unique nesting, with its natural natural characteristic being the cool air currents created by Parnassos towards the sea and the opposite, winter-summer. These streams create ideal conditions for the cultivation of grapes of excellent quality.

Today, the privately owned vineyard, which is planted with international and Greek varieties, reaches 2,200 acres, while most of it spreads on the slopes of the Valley. Its diversity allows for the creation of a wide collection of wines with a distinctive style, expressing the unique “terroir” of the region.

At the modern, visiting winery of the Estate, the visitor becomes acquainted with the culture of wine. Its innovative design combines industrial sites with museum islands and small exhibitions devoted to the history of wine and its production processes.