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Holy Metropolis Monastery (4km)

This beautiful Monastery is built over the spa town of Kamena Vourla, 4km away, at an altitude of 310 meters, in a beautiful natural environment with great views of the town of Kamena Vourla, the Maliakos Gulf, the Lichadonisia and Northern Evoia. The initial foundation of the Monastery is presumed to have taken place around […]

Mendenitsa Castle (30km)

Medieval Castle of Mendenitsa is one of the most important and best preserved in its kind. It was built on the ruins of the old fortifications of the city during the Frankish occupation. The castle offers panoramic views of the Maliakos gulf and the northern Evoikos gulf. In the historical settlement of Mendenitsa, one can […]

Castle and Archaeological Museum of Lamia (40 km)

It dominates the highest point of the city, on a rocky hill with panoramic views across the prefecture of Fthiotida. It is a medieval castle dating back to the 5th century. Inside the Castle is the Archaeological Museum of Lamia. The Museum is housed in an impressive building, which served as a barrack. The collections […]

Walk in Pavliani (The village that fairies live – 40km)

Visit to Pavliani, a traditional village of unparalleled natural beauty. At the source of the Asopos River, through an enchanting path, reflecting the colors of ancient trees and waters, the tourists end up in the heart of the natural park. Ideal place for the whole family but especially for children, the park has pleasant surprises […]

Thermopiles (25km)

The thermal springs of Thermopyles There are two sources, the source of Leonidas (37 degrees Celsius) and the source of the three hundred (40 degrees Celsius). The Thermopyles thermal Baths are indicated for rheumatic and gynecological diseases and diseases of the peripheral nervous system. Historical monument-Thermopyles Museum The historic location of Thermopyles is a mountain […]

Day trips to Meteora (140km)

The giant rocks of Meteora dominate Kalambaka between the mountains of Koziakas and Antichasia. This magnificence of nature reveals all its grandeur for centuries now as it is a unique geological phenomenon and an important monument of Orthodoxy. Meteora, which has been classified as the second Mount Athos, continues the monastic tradition for about six […]

Daily excursion to Delphi (100km)

Delphi was an ancient Greek city in which the most important oracle of the ancient Greek world operated. They are situated in a peaceful natural environment on the southern foothills of Parnassos, where the most important religious center of antiquity was founded and flourished. According to mythological tradition, here were the two eagles that Zeus […]

Gorgopotamos (40km)

Above the village of Gorgopotamos is the homonymous bridge, which connects the two sides of Oiti and above which the railway line of OSE, Athens-Thessaloniki. On this bridge was written one of the most enduring pages of modern history. On the night of 25 November 1942, united resistance groups of EAM and EDES along with […]

Theme park ‘Vagonetto’ (95km)

Fokidas Mining Park – Vagonetto, is a place for acquaintance with the history of bauxite extraction. Previously it was a mining gallery, 200 meters below the earth. It is located at the 51st km of Lamia-Amfissa National Road. The visit starts with a walk in the park’s outdoor area, where machines are used mainly in […]

Chatzimichalis Estate (15km)

Chatzimichalis Estate, since its establishment in 1973, has been passionately and knowledgeably involved in the revival of Greek wine and the revival of viticulture in the area of ​​Lokris. Its history is indissolubly linked to the area of ​​Atalanti, which Dimitris Chatzimichalis chose to plant the first 90 acres of vineyards. The selection of the […]